What is it?

BTSS is here to travel the journey to wellness and great health with our Brain Tumour patients with our new BTSS Wellness Fund. This wellness fund aims to enhance the wellbeing of our brain tumour patients, whether physically, mentally, creatively, psychologically or socially. BTSS will assist to co-pay 50% of your programme expenses (per patient/sibling or caregiver) up to a cap of $500 per annum

The fund can be utilized on patient-initiated programmes in any of the following aspects as long as the programme enhances the wellbeing of the patients in some tangible way. Therefore, beauty spa, massage, manicure or any aesthetic treatments do not qualify.

Some examples of qualified programmes include:

  • Physical skills – swimming, baking, sewing, barista skills etc.
  • Mental – memory, speed reading or relevant intellectual pursuits
  • Creative – learning and playing music on various instruments, singing, composing etc.
  • Psychological – psycho therapy, counselling help etc.
  • Social – Emotional Quotient (EQ), social skills training etc.

Who can apply?

If you are our registered member as a Brain Tumour patient or survivor (Singaporean or PR only), you can sign up for this fund to take steps on a journey to wellness and better health. This Fund is extendable to a sibling or caregiver if their patient is also enrolled in the same programmes.

How to apply?

To apply, please approach BTSS for an Wellness Fund Application Form. You will have to submit the completed application form together with supporting original receipts for the programmes you have taken for processing and approval. Approval of the applications is at BTSS discretion and we may request for more information to ascertain the details of the programmes you have taken.

Contact Us for more Information:

+65-8738 5669
12 Marina Boulevard #30-03 S(018982)