Mission, Vision & Values


Connecting to Befriend, Enable and Empower


  • BTSS seeks to provide strong support and relevant resources to individuals and families impacted by brain tumour through a comprehensive range of services and programmes.
  • We want to be a one-stop centre of support and assistance to patients and their caregiver from diagnosis to the end stage of life.
  • We aspire to build a close community who inspire and support each other in our journeys with brain tumours, and help advocate for greater awareness and support from the bigger community.


B – Benevolence

We serve the brain tumour community with kindness and compassion. We relate graciously to all our community members, which include patients, caregivers, family members, volunteers, healthcare and corporate partners, committee members and staff of BTSS.

T – Thoughtfulness

We consider and respect the needs of others in our diverse community. We understand that meeting the overall needs of our community is a priority over our individual needs. We are also thoughtful in the use of BTSS limited resources.

S – Service

BTSS leads the way in service for our community with every member giving support by way of service so that more can be done for everyone in our community and beyond.

S – Spirited

BTSS embraces the lively spirit of ‘Can Do’. We meet challenges head-on with a positive attitude. We ensure that interactions between ourselves are rooted in constructiveness, kindness, helpfulness and hope.