President’s Message

Since the establishment of BTSS, I have been privileged to be closely involved with helping brain tumour patients and caregivers from all walks of life. I have been inspired by the valour of many patients, moved by the love and devotion of caregivers and on some occasions, deeply saddened when members succumbed to this devastating disease.

Despite the tears and toil, building BTSS is definitely one of the most rewarding things I have done.

Personally, I have grown from the experience of walking alongside courageous patients and their families. It has also been wonderful working with amazing members, healthcare professionals, volunteers and partners to make a difference to our brain tumour community.

Today, BTSS has become the local point of support, information, practical and financial assistance, and advocacy for brain tumour patients, caregivers and their families in Singapore. This achievement is only possible through the hard work of my committee team, volunteers, supporters and partners. I look forward to more involvement and support from all of you, and new friends to do even more and better for our BTSS community.