Medical Advisors

Associate Professor Ng Wai Hoe
MBBS, MBA (INSEAD), MD (NUS), FRACS (Neurosurgery), FAMS
CEO, Changi General Hospital
Academic Chair, SingHealth Duke-NUS Neuroscience ACP
Deputy Chairman Medical Board, SingHealth

The treatment for brain tumours usually focuses on the control of the disease and its spread. Whilst the active treatment and control of the disease is important, we do need to appreciate that there is a lot of fear, anxiety and confusion for patients. BTSS really fills this gap of care for our patients.

The BTSS plays many roles as advocates for brain tumour awareness, public education and even financial support for patients. Of the many roles, I believe that there is a unique role of the BTSS that no one else can fill. The BTSS members have walked a similar journey that our patients are embarking on. They are able to offer encouragement, emotional support and comfort from the heart. This source of support has been a great source of hope and strength for our patients.

I wish the BTSS every success as they continue their impactful work.

Associate Professor David Low Chyi Yeu
Deputy Medical Director, National Neuroscience Institute
Head and Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon, National Neuroscience Institute
Associate Professor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

Dr Quah Song Chiek Daniel
MBBS, FRCR (Clinical Oncology) (UK)
National Cancer Centre Singapore

Division of Radiation Oncology, Division of Palliative Medicine 

Dr Enrica Tan
Senior Consultant
Haematology/Oncology Service, Paediatric Brain and Solid Tumour Programme, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Dr Wong Ru Xin
FRCR (Clinical Oncology), MBBS (S’pore)
Consultant, Division of Radiation Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore

Dr Kevin Chua
MBBS (London), FRCR (Clinical Oncology, UK)
Consultant, Division of Radiation Oncology
National Cancer Centre Singapore
Clinical Asst Professor, Duke-NUS Medical School

Dr Andrea Wong
MBCHB (Hons), MRCP, M Med (Int Med)
Senior Consultant, Department of Haematology-Oncology
National University Cancer Institute, Singapore
Assistant Professor, NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

Associate Professor Yeo Tseng Tsai
MBBS (S’pore), FRACS (Neurosurgery)

Head & Senior Consultant
Division of Neurosurgery, National University Hospital

In my years of practice, I note a gap in the emotional care of brain tumour patients that doctors may have challenges filling due to our professional roles. Hence, BTSS plays a complementary role alongside us by stepping in to provide the emotional and practical support that our patients really need. Since BTSS comprises mainly brain tumour patients and caregivers, our patients who have attended their programmes, have shared that they found much empathy, comfort and help. Beyond this core business of giving moral support, BTSS has even moved beyond to initiate welfare programmes, organise educational talks and raise awareness to empower and build a vibrant brain tumour community in Singapore. I am really proud of the meaningful work that BTSS is doing for the care of brain tumour patients and their families in Singapore.

Dr Vincent Nga
MBBS (S’pore), MRCS (Edinburgh), FRCSEd (Surgical Neurology)
Associate Consultant
Division of Neurosurgery, 
University Surgical Cluster
National University Hospital

Dr Tham Chee Kian
MBBS, MMed (Int Med), MRCP (UK)
Senior Consultant
Division of Medical Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore

Dr Teo Kejia
MBBS (S’pore), MRCS (Edinburgh), FRCS Ed (Neuro Surg) 
Associate Consultant
Division of Neurosurgery, University Surgical Cluster
National University Hospital

Dr Low Yin Yee Sharon
MBBS, MRCS, MMed (Surg), PhD, FRCS (SN)
Head Neurosurgical Service, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
Department of Neurosurgery, National Neuroscience Institute

Dr Lin Xuling
MBBS (S’pore), MRCP (UK), M Med (Internal Med) (S’pore)
Consultant, Department of Neurology
National Neuroscience Institute

Dr Balamurugan A Vellayappan
MBBS (S’pore), GDFM (NUS), FRANZCR (Australia), Master of Clinical Investigation (NUS)
, Stereotactic Fellowship (University of Ottawa)
Consultant, Department of Radiation Oncology, National University Cancer Institute, SIngapore
Assistant Professor, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine