Facing expensive rehab or home care expenses?

The BTSS Rehab and Home Care (RHC) Grant is here for you.

While the BTSS welfare grant covers a wide range of practical needs, we are aware that it may not be sufficient to cover for rehabilitation treatment or home nursing services that are often costly and span over a long period of time. To support patients and caregivers that struggle with such expenses, the RHC Grant is thus set up.

Requirements for Eligibility of BTSS RHC Grant

  1. You have to be members of BTSS
  2. Obtain supporting letters from relevant doctors for home care services / rehab
  3. Ensure that the services required are not covered by other subsidies or your existing insurance covers.


BTSS has partnered with Home Nursing Foundation (HNF) to provide home nursing services at a subsidized rate. For more details on their services, please check out their website or contact us (8738 5669 / [email protected])

If you require rehabilitation or home care service that is not provided by HNF or public healthcare institutes, you can also apply for BTSS RHC Grant, even for your sessions at private centres, which will then be considered on a case by case basis, provided always that our 3 requirements are met.
Click HERE to download the form.