Hui Ching and Toby

On 13th June 2017, our world fell apart when our youngest son Toby, aged 4, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Brain Cancer – Medulloblastoma with Spinal Metastasis. 2 days later, he had his first major brain surgery to remove the tumor in his cerebellum. The surgery was successful but left him with severe posterior fossa cerebellar syndrome including mutism.

He could not talk, eat or swallow, move or walk, and his eyes seemed to register nothing. Thereafter, Toby went through 33 rounds of radiotherapy under GA, as well as a few more brain and surgical procedures. He battled Pneumonia and Meningitis and underwent 4 rounds of Chemotherapy and Tandem Stem Cell Transplant.

The Chemotherapy led to permanent moderate hearing loss in his right ear and severe loss in his left. The whole treatment process lasted 8 months with Toby and I staying in KKH, while Daddy and our 2 older boys fending for themselves at home. Today Toby is undergoing regular Speech and Physiotherapy. He is still unable to talk or walk but has learnt to swallow liquids. He enjoys watching TV and having giggles with his 2 elder brothers.

In June, I took Toby to KKH, and that’s how I found out about BTSS, and later Melissa added me to the WhatsApp Chat Group. This provided a lot of support for me as I was able to network with other mothers who were facing the same situation as me. It was therapeutic to hear stories from other caregivers, and what side effects their kids suffered.

BTSS helped me feel less lonely on this journey, and I received a lot of support. I enjoy seeing the support given and received within the BTSS Community, and this helped me through difficult times.

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Miss Sheeba and Eyzra

My son Eyzra started experiencing headaches in January 2009, thanks to a quick diagnosis we did the MRI and proceeded with neurosurgery.

Because of the many hospital visits I accompanied Eyzra, it took a toll on my mind and many times I wished I had some support to keep me going… It was during one ward admission that I bumped into Dr David Low and he asked me, “Sheeba… has Eyzra joined BTSS yet?” and that’s how I got to know about BTSS!

How was Eyzra benefited after joining BTSS? Activities like Baking allows him to bond and mingle with adult survivours and I find it productive for him to get to know a likeminded community like BTSS.

It is such a joy having BTSS as part of my son’s journey and looking back… I wished those hours that I spent waiting at the consultation rooms… there was some support group formed like BTSS… that could give Caregivers like myself… a voice, also thankful for the good work BTSS does in connecting and caring for beneficiaries like me and Eyzra.

Eyzra is pursuing his GCE N’Levels in September 2018, and will be headed to Ohio, United States on 30th August 2018, thanks to Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Shawn (Featured in Lianhe Wanbao)

Thank you Lianhe Wanbao 联合晚报 for featuring Shawn in this evening’s papers. Shawn has certainly been through a lot over the last few years and he has always been a tough fighter. We are proud of Shawn for never letting his condition stop him from pursuing his dreams and ambitions.

As one of our very own committee members, Shawn serves wholeheartedly to advance the programmes and causes of BTSS. A true inspiration to all of us, thank you Shawn!

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Brain Tumour on TV – K I N

Have you been keeping up with Channel 5’s Kin? It has been very heartwarming to see a brain tumour patient represented on television.
Melissa Lim, our president has this to say:

“I have been following the KIN series and find that the portrayal of the presentation of the disease was realistic. Brain Tumour is difficult to detect as the symptoms, like headaches, seem generic. It usually takes an accident, like a fall, for further investigations to reveal a brain tumour. Good research Mediacorp.”

Show your support for brain tumour awareness by tuning in and sharing the TV series to your families and friends.

You can always catch up with the show on Toggle if you missed an episode.

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Brainy Car Rally 2018 – Light Up Installation!

Along with adrenaline-charged Supercars, one of the key highlights of BCR would definitely be the light up installation! Attendees may light up a bottle to show their support for brain tumour awareness. These bottles will be placed in a special exhibition shaped like a brain. Are you excited to show your support for brain tumour awareness?

Mark your calenders for Brainy Car Rally on 21 October 2018! We will feature many interactive games and activities that participants will enjoy so see you there!

Admission is FREE!


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Brain cancer on TV

Our President of BTSS, Melissa was the advisor who shared her experience and knowledge to the research team for Channel 5’s new show, Kin (TIF). In this particular episode, one of the major characters, Deanna deals with her declining health and finds out that she has brain cancer. This is indeed a sad but real plight that many of us face – dealing with a diagnosis and struggling for emotional support from family and friends. At BTSS, we aim to provide information, support and advice to those in need.

Click on this link: to watch the episode!

If you missed the show on channel 5, you simply catch up on Toggle!

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Xinyu (Featured in Shin Min Daily News)

Thank you Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 for sharing Xinyu’s story. A brain tumour diagnosis not only affects the patient but the whole family. Caring for a loved one can be difficult and we hope that people who read Xinyu’s story will be touched and motivated to support other families in a similar situation.

Read the full article here.

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Jayden and Joanna Chong

Joanna was four days short of turning nine back in 25 October 2014 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Two days after the diagnosis, Joanna underwent surgery to remove the tumour.

Her father, Jayden left his job to care for his daughter after she became so weak during her treatment that she could not even sit up. Jayden spent the next few months taking care of her, ensuring that her needs were well-taken care of. After hearing about BTSS through a TV news programme, Jayden reached out to BTSS to get in contact with doctors and support from other families going through the same experience.

Today, Joanna is stable with no relapse to date and recently finished her PSLE. While the journey for the father and daughter wasn’t easy, the pair are closer than ever. They treasure the time spent together and Joanna views her father as a role-model and superhero.

As a full-time caregiver to Joanna, Jayden has not been able to go back to full time work despite having professional qualifications and experience.  When the BTSS Beneficiary Employment Scheme was launched to offer short-term and flexible employment opportunities to unemployed patients and long-term caregivers, Jayden applied. He has since been a well-loved tuition supervisor to our kids under the BTSS Tuition Programme, which also has Joanna as a beneficiary student.

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Melissa (Featured in Shin Min Daily News)

Many thanks to Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 for covering Melissa’s story. A great start in spreading brain tumour awareness! We hope that more people will hear about BTSS and reach out to help our patients and caregivers.

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Launch of Brainy Car Rally 2018 Promo Video

The countdown begins for Brainy Car Rally 2018, and we are proud to present our Promo Video! Done by the talented PR partners VooDoo Communications, be sure to share this video with your friends and family! And of course, do remember to like and share on Facebook too!

Brain Tumour Society (Singapore), together with the Lamborghini Club Singapore, will be bringing back the Brainy Car Rally 2018 as one of the key highlights of their fourth Brain Tumour Awareness Day in Singapore.This year’s edition will feature 30 Lamborghinis as they give brain tumour patients rides to help raise awareness of brain tumour around town.This year’s event will also feature Guest of Honour, Member of Parliament, Mr Vikram Nair.Brainy Car Rally is the annual awareness raising signature event of Brain Tumour Society (Singapore). Through this event, the public can learn more about brain tumour through educational exhibitions, sharing and magic performances by patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. #BTSS #lightupforBTSS

Posted by Brain Tumour Society Singapore on Saturday, 29 September 2018

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