Bless A BTSS Beneficiary

Beneficiaries are invited to make a wish-list of activities that they would like to do. Examples of wishes include visiting places of interests in Singapore, organizing a birthday party or a beach picnic, or doing spring-cleaning their flat, etc.

BTSS will share all wishes to our volunteers to invite them to take up any of these request(s).  BTSS will then match the volunteers to the beneficiaries to fulfill their wishes.

Through the BBB Program, we aim to connect more individuals within our BTSS family, further strengthening the bonds among beneficiaries, caregivers and volunteers.

Who are they for?

This program is open to ALL our beneficiaries, regardless of their ages, backgrounds and financial stituations as its purpose is to promote bonding and to create opportunities for beneficiaries and volunteers know each other better. We also seek to understand the individual needs of beneficiaries and their family so as to provide better moral and resource support that is personalised to each situation.

A beneficiary and his / her family can only have 1 blessing fulfilled per 6 months period.

Any beneficiary who is interested in this programme may email your wish to us at  or call our BTSS office at +65 8738 5669 (from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm).

How volunteers can sign up for this program? What are some of the things which the volunteers need to take note?

All volunteers interested in adopting any wish may email us at  or call our BTSS office at +65 8738 5669 (from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm).

Volunteers, upon adopting the wish, have to submit their itinerary and budget for the adopted wish for BTSS’ approval. Items that need to be purchased for the activity should be included in the proposal.  BTSS will provide a proposal template when you contact us to indicate your interest.

For visits to places of interests in Singapore which requires an entry ticket, BTSS will reimburse up to 100% of the entry fee for beneficiary and their family members only. Volunteers will have to pay for their own entry ticket.

Additionally, BTSS will reimburse 50% of the total bill incurred for any refreshments (e.g. drinks, snacks, lunch or dinner) for the beneficiary, family members and volunteers. All claims will have to be supported by a clear print-out of receipts.