BTSS UPDATES (27 Jun 2019)

Dear BTSS Family,

I am pleased to inform you of the following updates on our mission to become an Institute of Public Character (IPC) organisation.


1. Change in entity structure

On 18 April 2019, BTSS took our first step towards IPC by successfully converting from a society to a public company limited by guarantee (CLG).  We are now officially known as Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) Limited. As a CLG, our entity is considered to have a separate legal entity and distinct from its members.  This means that a CLG may sue or be sued in its own name, and the members of the CLG will be protected from any liabilities incurred by the CLG.

As members of our old entity (Brain Tumour Society (Singapore)), you will now be known as our beneficiaries and will continue to participate in our activities and schemes like before.


2. Appointment of Jackie Lee as Manager of BTSS 

We have appointed Jackie Lee as our new Manager.  As a caregiver, Jackie joined our family in 2016.  She became a part of the committee in 2018 and would continue to serve the community as a staff from 10 July 2019. She replaces Angelene who will end her service with us on 9 July 2019.  We thank Angelene for her contributions to BTSS and look forward to welcoming her back as our volunteer.


3. Transition to virtual office

To reduce the operational costs, we will be moving out of the physical office from 10 July 2019.  We would operate as a virtual office.  Contact number and email addresses will stay the same as follows:

BTSS Mobile: 8738 5669
Office Email:


4. Monthly Pledges

The funds raised by our sponsors are mostly for beneficiary spending. As such, we cannot use these to support our day to day office operations. BTSS EXCO and committee members are all volunteers with full time jobs and we need the support of a qualified resource, as well as, working capital to pursue all the work related to our corporate entity and beneficiaries. If everyone in the BTSS community will give even a small sum monthly to support the work BTSS is doing, we will be able to stabilize our cash flow and move on from survival issues to focus on building our entity to serve our brain tumour community better.  Please consider this appeal as a way you can contribute to the work BTSS is doing and aspires to do.  You may find pledging details in the flyer below.


5. New bank account

We have opened a new banking account with Maybank.  The details are as follow:
Account Name : Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) Limited

Account Number : 04181070878

Please use the new name and account number if you wish to donate to us on a one time basis for our operations.
Feel free to reach us on 8738-5669 or if you have any questions.

Stay Positive and Live Strong


Melissa Lim 
President, Brain Tumour Society (Singapore)

Singapore Health Inspirational Patient Award Winner 2015