Jayden and Joanna Chong

Joanna was four days short of turning nine back in 25 October 2014 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Two days after the diagnosis, Joanna underwent surgery to remove the tumour.

Her father, Jayden left his job to care for his daughter after she became so weak during her treatment that she could not even sit up. Jayden spent the next few months taking care of her, ensuring that her needs were well-taken care of. After hearing about BTSS through a TV news programme, Jayden reached out to BTSS to get in contact with doctors and support from other families going through the same experience.

Today, Joanna is stable with no relapse to date and recently finished her PSLE. While the journey for the father and daughter wasn’t easy, the pair are closer than ever. They treasure the time spent together and Joanna views her father as a role-model and superhero.

As a full-time caregiver to Joanna, Jayden has not been able to go back to full time work despite having professional qualifications and experience.  When the BTSS Beneficiary Employment Scheme was launched to offer short-term and flexible employment opportunities to unemployed patients and long-term caregivers, Jayden applied. He has since been a well-loved tuition supervisor to our kids under the BTSS Tuition Programme, which also has Joanna as a beneficiary student.