Cheryl P

In 2013, I attended a research programme. Part of the programme included an MRI scan. The scan revealed a tumour in my brain. It was later diagnosed to be malignant, stage 3. I was shocked and frightened.

I called my uncle for support. Heeding the advice of my doctor, I opted for surgery instead of biopsy.

In Jan 2015, I underwent a surgery to have the brain tumour removed. As I was wheeled into the operating theatre, I prayed that I will survive. After 5 hours, the doctors declare the operation a success. I had pulled through.

When I woke up, I was in the high dependency ward. I could only speak gibberish for a week, and had to use gestures to communicate. Despite that, I recovered very quickly. By the very next day, I was wheeled into the general ward.

Currently, I have completed my (aggressive) radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. I am still undergoing chemotherapy.

Recently, I attended the Brain Tumour Support Singapore group meeting for the first time. It was a fun experience, meeting so many people from all around the world who share my difficulty and pain.

I am awaiting results from another MRI scan. I hope to receive good news soon.