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Brainy Car Rally 2018 (21 Oct 2018)

21 Oct 2018
  • Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition CentreLocation

Are. You. Ready???

The Brainy Car Rally is coming!

Back for the fourth year running, the Brainy Car Rally is the highlight event of Brain Tumour Awareness Day in Singapore

This year’s edition will feature 30 Lamborghinis as they give brain tumour patients rides to help raise awareness of brain tumour around town.

This year’s event will also feature Guest of Honour, Member of Parliament, Mr Vikram Nair.Brainy Car Rally is the annual awareness raising signature event of Brain Tumour Society (Singapore).

Through this event, the public can learn more about brain tumour through educational exhibitions, sharing and magic performances by patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.


Medtronics navigation system and Brain Tumour removing games

Fancy being a neurosurgeon to save lives with your steady hands? Be sure to check out the special at BCR this year – the Medtronics Navigation system. This system is commonly used by neurosurgeons in their surgeries. Try how this system works in removing brain tumours or enjoy interactive games with your family and friends.



Light Up Installation!

Be sure to check out the stunningly beautiful Light Up Installation! Attendees may light up a bottle to show their support for brain tumour awareness. These bottles will be placed in a special exhibition shaped like a brain. Be part of this wonderful art piece and spread the light and awareness for our beneficiaries.