BTSS First Brain Tumour Awareness Day on 1 November 2014 saw the official launch of Brain Tumour Society (Singapore), as known as BTSS, and our inaugural Brain Tumour Awareness Day, which we celebrated with the first Brainy Car Rally and Brainy Joy Ride. Thirty over brain tumour (BT) patients and caregivers were driven in Supercars to spread awareness of our society and our cause for brain tumour. The event attracted extensive media coverage in the local English and Mandarin news. Through the enthusiastic and warm response of our sponsors, beneficiaries, and hospitals (SGH, KKH, NUH and TTSH), BTSS has since been able to raise $160,000 to establish a small office with one staff to offer a range of services to help and support BT patients and their families, which includes and not limited to the following:

  • BTSS Talks and Awareness Campaigns
  • BTSS Support Groups
  • Befriending Services
  • Welfare Grants
  • Beneficiary Events (Movie Screenings, Festive Celebrations)

The BTSS committee is now planning our second Brain Tumour Awareness Day which is themed ‘50 Shades of Grey Matter’. On 8 November 2015, 50 brain tumour (BT) patients will represent our community to celebrate Singapore’s 50 years as a nation and will raise awareness of BT with the objective of inviting the larger community of healthcare and welfare organisations, schools, employers and the general public to join and support the local BT community in our challenging journeys of treatment, recovery and integration back into society.

49 Days before 8 November 2015, BTSS will kick start our 2015 ‘50 Shades of Grey Matter’ campaign in hospitals and other welfare organisations. On the 50th Day of the campaign, we will launch Singapore’s second Brain Tumour Awareness Day with an exciting convoy of 50 Supercars from the Lamborghini Club, which will participate in the Brainy Car Rally (for adult BT patients and caregivers) and Brain Joy Ride (for BT paediatric patients).

After a rousing flag off, these supercars and their BT passengers will cover a population dense route to spread our campaign message of ‘50 Shades of Grey Matter’; that Brain Tumours affect many Singaporeans, regardless of ages and backgrounds, and the main mission of BTSS is to connect BT patients with each other and the larger community to

  1. Befriend them in their BT journeys
  2. Enable them to cope better through information and education
  3. Empower them to contribute to the Singapore community as best as they can and to help others in similar situations.

How can you help?

We rely entirely on volunteers to organise our events, which are in turn funded 100% through donations from organisational sponsors and the general public. We invite you to be involved by sponsoring venues, providing F&B support, professional and creative services as well as manpower resources for the 50 Days of Campaign cumulating to the 8 Nov 2015 Brainy Car Rally and Joy Ride. You can also give generously towards our ’50 Shades of Grey Matter’ fund raising campaign of $200,000 for BTSS 2016 programmes and office operations.

For more information please contact:

The Brain Tumour Society (Singapore)
Blk 465 Crawford Lane, #02-26, Singapore 190465
Phone: 6291 2736


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