Much of the information about cancer and/or brain tumours on the internet can be confusing or misleading. We recommend the following resources for reliable information:











  • American Brain Tumor Association, USA
    This organization offers information and support services for people diagnosed with brain tumors. The Tumor Information section offers information about specific tumors, treatments and living with a brain tumor.


  • National Brain Tumor Society, USA

    This site presents information regarding treatment options and community resources for brain tumor patients and families. Features include a database of questions answered by health professionals and a link library arranged by topic.


  • Musella Foundation for Brain Tumor Research Information, USA.
    Clinical Trials & Noteworthy Treatments for Brain Tumors.

    This site offers a comprehensive database of clinical trials for brain tumors as well as extensive information about brain tumors research including lay-terms summaries of medical articles, medical news and a dictionary. The video library featuring brain tumor experts discussing various treatments is especially interesting.